CC Club History- Uptown Minneapolis

History of the Legendary CC Club

The CC was here serving beers the very day prohibition ended (and probably before that, too). For nearly a century, midwesterners have come from all directions to have a ball, boogie, chill, and turn up. Even while the world has changed in so many ways, the CC has been there every step of the way, keeping things simple and having a good time!

The CC Club has also been the unassuming hangout spot for so many interesting people over the years. The Replacements' song "Here Comes a Regular" was inspired by their times here, starting the day around noon with friends like Husker Du, Soul Asylum. Tom Arnold made a habit of getting kicked out and a shoeless Woody Harrelson didn't even get in the door (he came back later with shoes and we let him in). Come feel the history and make some of your own!

1884-1933: Before the CC

In 1884, the establishment that would later become the CC is built and operates for the first fifty years as a variety of stores, including a dressmaker and grocers.

1933-1956: CC Tavern

A legend truly begins when local real estate agent Clarence "CC" Campbell acquires a 3.2 beer license. Decades later, his namesake lives on, bet you didn't know that one!

1957-1974: CC Tap

The CC Tap is a happening place! Getting loose with live music and cheap beer on the CC Tap dancefloor is probably how your grandparents meet.

1973: Oar Folkjokeapus

Across the street, Vern Sanden buys the record store and names it Oar Folkjokeapus. It becomes a hub, attracting local musicians who also congregate at the CC.

1975: CC Club

After nearly 100 years, the CC Club finally gets its current name. This is also the time a kitchen is installed and a liquor license is acquired.

1980s: Underground Rock

Bands like the Replacements, Husker Du, and Soul Asylum make the CC Club their standard hangout. The scene thrives, spawning many record labels.

90s-Now: Still the Same

The old place has gone through very little change over the years. It's always there as a comfortable spot to get out and have a few brews.

Future: Who Knows?

Come on by! Maybe you'll meet your new best friend or make memories with the next local celebrity. No matter who you meet here, it'll be a good time!